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Sustainable Technology

Sustainable technology is a win-win: innovative, cost-effective solutions that also support sustainability goals.

Infostatus leverages the power of technology to put Sustainability within reach for small and medium business, with accessible and affordable services that will add value to all areas of your company.

Benefits for your business

Harness the power of sustainable technology and turn the paradigm shift in business operations into a strategic advantage.
Leverage sustainability to enhance profitability and make a positive difference for society, the environment, and your company.
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Reduce carbon footprint

Harness the power of technology to reduce your company's carbon footprint. A sustainable IT architecture will reduce energy consumption, minimise waste, and optimise resource use. 

Measure and reduce your carbon footprint with minimal effort and cost.

Regulatory compliance

Unlock business value and opportunities by demonstrating proactive adherence and compliance to environmental regulations. 

We can facilitate the identification and mitigation of compliance risks ahead of time, and create reports and personalised alerts to ensure your leadership team has access to the right information, at the right time.

Cost savings

Technology plays a pivotal role in the journey towards achieving net zero emissions - it is a powerful tool that not only reduces carbon footprint but also brings significant cost savings for businesses.

Harness the power of technology to minimize energy consumption, utilizing integrated data to eliminate waste, and optimizing resource utilization throughout your operations.

ESG readiness

Stay ahead of the game by getting your business ready to ESG regulations. Leverage your technology infrastructure to capture, analyse and optimise your ESG ratings and procedures. 

Infostatus will help you to identify relevant metrics and capture data across your entire operations, future proofing ESG compliance. 

Win more work
The additional advantage to your investment in sustainable technology is the increased demand for businesses with sustainability values. From government to the average consumer, the criteria for selecting a company is increasingly including the need for transparency on sustainability. 
risk management
Sustainable technology practices can help businesses identify and mitigate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks, protecting long-term profitability and stability.
Infostatus image Service - Sustainability Consulting

Technology is everywhere. Value isn't.