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Application Development

We work with you to find and implement the best solution as if we were an extension of your team.

Embarking on a journey with Infostatus for your Application Development ensures that your technological solutions are not only built, but also crafted with a comprehensive understanding of your business needs and future aspirations.

Benefits for your business

Our approach towards application development intertwines your core business strategy with tailored technology solutions, providing a stable and adaptive digital foundation that inherently supports and propels your business objectives.
Request a proposal to assess the value for your business.

Reach your Vision
Every business has its own unique set of requirements. Our strategy focuses on building solutions that are not merely adaptations of existing templates but are crafted from the ground up with your specific needs and future growth in mind. Allow technology to adapt and scale with your business, ensuring your growth journey is seamless and efficient.
Human centricity

Putting users - customer or employees - at the forefront, we don’t just create; we empathise, understand, and then craft experiences that resonate. The interfaces we create are more than user-friendly. They are designed to be intuitive and meaningful, enhancing customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

We ensure that every click, swipe, and interaction with your application is coherent, valuable, and pleasantly memorable.

Digital safety

Digital security isn’t an option. It's a necessity. Recognizing the imperative value of your data, we implement reliable and robust security protocols into your applications. From inception to deployment, security is woven into the development lifecycle, ensuring your application stands as a reliable guardian.

We’re dedicated to safeguarding your assets and fortifying your operations against multifaceted cyber threats.

Simplify your technology

If your employees are struggling to navigate a number of different software solutions or environments, your company will certainly benefit from a streamlined ecosystem.

The applications we develop are conceived with a holistic view of your existing environment, ensuring they work seamlessly into your operations. Enhancing, rather than complicating your workflows.

Our solutions will integrate your various platforms and devices, safeguarding operations from siloed data and disjointed systems. 


Integrated data and systems across your operations is a paramount step to remove one of the key barriers to overcome to fully embrace Sustainability and Net Zero targets.

Currently, the effort and resources required to  understand and align with ESG frameworks and standards imposes a cost that is prohibitive to most small and medium business. 

Our services are curated with Sustainability in sight, putting ESG ratings and reporting within reach for companies of any size. 

Cost Optimisation

Engaging our team of experts to plan, code, test, implement, and monitor your applications works out at a fraction of the total cost of an in-house IT operation.

Plus, it will feel like an in-house team - without the internal costs.

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Technology is everywhere. Value isn't.