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Sustainable technology for better business

Infostatus is a Sustainable Technology consulting firm committed to helping our clients harness the power of technology to improve efficiency across all areas of your business.

We identify and implement IT solutions that are built specifically to help you do better business: eliminating waste, improving resource utilisation, and adding flexibility to adjust your IT infrastructure as your company grows and needs change.

We believe that meeting your needs of today should not come at a compromise of your needs of tomorrow.

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To deliver on the potential of technology, with a deeply human approach.

Our mission is to leverage technology solutions to achieve the best possible business, environmental, and social outcomes.

We do this by using our deep expertise and translating the complex into the simple with an accessible and tailored service. We work in unparalleled collaboration with our clients so they feel confident to do better business now and into the future.

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We believe that better business outcomes can be achieved in parallel to social and environmental considerations. In fact, we know that saving energy saves money and our vision is that businesses harness the power of sustainable technology to lead them into a better future. 

Our goal is to empower businesses to balance short and long-term goals and deliver economic growth with social and environmental responsibility.


We integrate our values into every service and interaction with our clients:

Infostatus image Values - Simple
01 Make complex things simple
01Make complex things simple

Deliver the most effective solution, in the most simple and efficient way possible

Infostatus image Values - Empower
2 Empower businesses
2Empower businesses

Make technology and sustainability accessible to everyone

Infostatus image Values - Excellence
3 Excellence in everything
3Excellence in everything

Set a high bar and lead by example in every interaction

Infostatus image Values - Sustainability
4 Sustainability, always
4Sustainability, always

Balancing meeting the needs of today and the needs of tomorrow

Infostatus image Values - Trust
5 Trusted advisor
5Trusted advisor

We work with you as if we are an extension of your team, working together to find the best solution for your business

Infostatus image Values - Communication
6 Communication is key
6Communication is key

Good communication is the foundation for a good partnership. We value open, honest, and constructive communication.