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Cloud Consulting

Boost performance and slash operational costs with tailored cloud services.

We deliver solutions that truly align with your priorities. Whether you're focused on performance, scalability, or cost efficiency, we collaborate with you to leverage the transformative power of cloud.

Benefits for your business

Optimised cloud services will improve business performance while reducing operational cost, creating positive return on investment.    Request a proposal to assess the value for your business.


Cost optimisation

With an in-depth analysis of your business we can to find the most cost-effective cloud solution, preventing unnecessary expenses.

Cost reduction should not compromise performance, scalability and quality. 

We can identify the most efficient cloud strategy for your needs - for today and tomorrow.


Increased Performance

Take advantage of the latest technologies and tools to optimise your infrastructure for maximum performance and uptime.

Harness the expertise of our consultants with cutting-edge knowledge of the latest technological advancements, using our team ensures speed to market and increased innovation for your business.

Staff Efficiency

Free up your employee’s time to focus on your business. Our model allows your business to scale your team up and down with agility, ensuring efficient usage of your investment.

In addition, it will save on recruiting and training costs associated with in-house staff.

Stronger security

A robust cloud strategy will reduce risks of cyber attacks and data breaches by integrating security management and operations.

Have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected by best-in-class data and cyber security controls.

Governance & Controls

Meet internal and external governance requirements, through reporting, proactive guardrails and alerts.

We facilitate the identification and mitigation of compliance risks ahead of time, and create reports and personalised alerts to ensure your leadership team has access to the right information, at the right time.



Optimally utilise servers, use energy-efficient equipment and reduce waste. 

Infostatus can help you find the perfect cloud solution to balance performance, cost and carbon emission reduction.

We will estimate your IT carbon emission reduction, and assist you in reaching net-zero carbon emission in your operations.

Infostatus image Cloud Services-2

Technology is everywhere. Value isn't.